About us

Sportalle is trade brand of the Austrian company Diwekiyo Solutions established to bring hing performance sport gears and quality products to European market. Sportalle distributes brands BELLELLI, DRAG, CLARKS, COX, HALFBIKE, RAVEMEN, SHOCKBLAZE, ZEFAL to the Austrian market. These brands hold a significant share in markets in Europe and are well known with their quality. We focus on sustainable development and innovations. We not only work with traditional brands but provide opportunity to innovative companies to find more customers by actively offering them to the Austrian dealers. We do offer sales booster solutions for your sporting goods shops. Please get in contact with us to learn more about all our product and services.



In other European markets our brands are actively involved in different professional or amateur cycling clubs in order to make cycling more accessible for everyone. We at Sportalle also believe that being active is an integral part of a healthy life and, therefore, we offer special conditions to professional or amateur cycling clubs.

Customised solutions

Get people excited about cycling! Whether you represent a professional or amateur cycling club, you run a rent-a-bike organisation, or want to provide company bikes for your employees, we can offer a customized solution for your particular needs.

Conditions for distributors

For all brands Sportalle offers a quality guarantee, as well as attractive conditions for distributors, retail chains, DH parks and all types of government and non-government organisations. We are flexible in terms of product design and technical specifications. Contact us to learn more about our conditions for distributors, as well as our LOYALTY PROGRAM for long term partners.