Connection: Z-Turn

Material: Resin technopolymer high performance
Weight: 116 g
Fixation: Universal clip (reference 8519)
Capacity: 7 patches (3 x Ø 15 mm, 2 x Ø 25 mm, 1 x 24*35 mm, 1 x 27*42 mm) / 1 rubber cement 5 g / 1 stainless steel grater
Length: 200 mm / 8’’ / 100 mm
Handle: Chromed thermoplastic
Pressure: 6 bar / 87 psi
Barrel: Thermoplastic
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Composed of 3 products, the Kit May Day is the perfect pack for your ride. With its telescopic barrel and the flexible, screw-on Z-Turn connection, the Air Profil FC01 is the essential tool you need to have while riding your MTB. Our repair kits will help you to repair your bike easily and safely. Highly resistant and unbreakable, the Z Levers shape provides an easy passage between the rim and tire, without damaging them.


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